How to Prepare For a Job Interview.

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It is challenging to adhere to the social norms of new social networks, especially if you are not familiar with them. They don’t understand how others use LinkedIn and how they expect you to use it. LinkedIn can be very scary from the start. How can you improve your LinkedIn profile to complement your professional photo? How can you join the LinkedIn community and take full advantage of its potential?

Professional, not personal

Once you understand who uses LinkedIn and what it uses, you can better configure it. Your boss uses this to stay in touch with his clients. Used by your investors to check partners and potential customers. You should similarly use LinkedIn.

Professional Profile Picture

One of the most common questions they ask is whether they should have a profile photo. Answer: Sure! There are many people with the same name, so having a picture of your profile will make it easier for others to contact you. Also, professional portraits welcome and create a strong sense of trust and confidence in your profile. Which is the perfect profile photo? Usually, shot in work clothes.

Your profile is your resume

The easiest way to think about your LinkedIn profile is to think of it as your resume. Experience, education, and contact information are the essential part of the information that should be on your LinkedIn profile, just as it should be on your resume. My LinkedIn profile is my resume, but it doesn’t have to be that way. An active LinkedIn profile will interest those who don’t know you and remind those who know you how valuable and successful your professionalism is.

Include all necessary professional contact information

The worst-case scenario a businessperson might end up with is disconnecting potential investors, partners, colleagues, and clients. Business cards are lost, and contact information is forgotten. If someone wants to contact you, make it easier by entering your email address and phone number into your LinkedIn profile – without exception.

Contact all your professional contacts

Social networks use the capabilities of a large number of people, so for social networks to work for you, you need to contact all the professional contacts you have at all. Need help thinking about it? Think of past clients, customers, partners, investors, colleagues, and friends. Think of school, internships, work, part-time jobs, and friends of friends. Once the network becomes large enough, it will become clear how vital the LinkedIn tool is.